creative workshops

by Christy Prins

The creative workshop ‘Painting from your Soul’ will be given by Christy Prins. This workshop is a way to awaken, heal and transform. First there will be a meditation to go inward then you will start with the creative process of painting to explore your inner-self, taking you to a place of freedom, intuition and trust. After finishing your artwork there will be a 1 on 1 coaching session to complete your experience. Ofcourse you take your own artwork back home.

Christy Prins is an artist, childrens life coach, art-teacher and ocean- & nature lover. During the retreat she will also be offering guided nature walks/hikes in the surrounding area to reconnect to nature.

by Evelien Sipkes

The main focus in this creative workshop is to broaden your view on situations. To see it from another perspective or to find another way to deal with it. Creativity is a way of thinking that can be used in all circumstances. In this workshop participants will be challenged to ‘broaden their view; not only to view with the limitation of what you already know, but with an open view in what you really see. What’s there in the actual moment. Illustrations from art, practices en several tasks will be used during the workshop and also to reflect on eachother. A way to develop your creativity.